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Hi San Antonio. My name is Chris Schuchardt.

I am a San Antonio Native, small business owner, and firm believer that real change needs to come to San Antonio. Starting with a change in the way our city does business.

I want to see San Antonio unleash its true economic potential and become the powerhouse of the Texas economy. With a population larger than Dallas and Austin we should be competing with both cities for the relocation of major companies and expansion of our existing ones.  We need to make real and meaningful investments in infrastructure and create pathways for private investment to flow into our city.

We also need to create a climate that encourages and protects small businesses and reduces the stranglehold the city has on development. New investment, new jobs and new opportunities are needed to energize and uplift San Antonio’s workforce and create an improved standard of living for all our residents.

I don’t want our neighborhoods and housing to be “affordable” simply because of government programs funded by your tax dollars. I want them to be affordable because our citizens have real opportunities to work hard and earn more money.

Fostering nice and safe neighborhoods also means having the law and order required to maintain the safety of our citizens and their property. While we strive for new progress, we must protect the progress already made by hard-working residents. As such, I support a permanent freeze on city property taxes for seniors and retirees upon reaching the age of 65.

A tax dollar is one easily-earned by the government, but hard-earned by the taxpayer. The city must ensure that every tax dollar is spent in the most responsible way and generates a return for the taxpayer.

We need real people, with real experience, to take on the tough issues and provide real solutions and leadership. Something San Antonio currently lacks in the Mayor’s office.

I want to see a renewed San Antonio with a winning mentality and path to growth that will enrich the lives and increase the standard of living for all our residents.

I hope that you will support my candidacy for Mayor of San Antonio and help get the city back on the winning track.

Thank You,

– Christopher T. Schuchardt