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Chris is a San Antonio Native, small business owner, and firm believer that real change needs to come to San Antonio. Starting with a change in the way the city does business. He wants to bring the Texas Miracle to San Antonio.

“I want to see a renewed San Antonio with a winning mentality and path to growth that will enrich the lives and increase the standard of living for all our residents.” -Chris

3rd Gen San Antonian
local businessman
Husband & Dad

Growing up in San Antonio, Chris was greatly influenced by his Grandfather Joe who immigrated to America from Mexico. Chris learned from his Grandpa you can achieve anything in life as long as you’re willing to work for it.

Chris started his first business at the age of 26,
and now employs over 55 people.

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Chris on the Issues

Proposed “Justice Charter”

I oppose this proposition in its entirety. Ron Nirenberg should be showing leadership on this issue. Not hiding behind the City Attorney. Popular or unpopular, San Antonio will never have to guess where I stand on an issue.


This charter will jeopardize the safety and economic well-being of our communities. From coast to coast these ideas and policies have been a complete failure. I will not standby and have our community, businesses and children put at risk under this proposed charter.

Crime and Police

Crime is out-of-control largely due to a lack of leadership in the Mayor’s Office, City Council and SAPD Executive Command.


In the last three years, violent crime in San Antonio has increased 47%. In 2022 alone, stolen property crimes have tripled.


We need our men and women in uniform, and I strongly support them. I am an even stronger supporter of the department having only the best when it comes to its leadership.

Vagrancy and Homelessness

Instead of being a ghost town plagued by homelessness, downtown should be a bristling center for business, professionals, and development. The destruction of public places, the filth and the clutter caused by vagrancy is out of control. This is now spreading out from downtown and into our neighborhoods as well.


I lost a family member to drugs and the streets. The sad reality is that many of these souls do not want help and do not want to integrate into society. While we should always maintain compassion and options for those who truly want help, those who do not want help should not be allowed to stay on our streets.

Budget and City Finances

All expenditures should be for the betterment and improved prosperity of all residents.  As a business owner, every expenditure we make is mission-based: how does this improve our operation, our outcomes, and our employees? CITY GOVERNMENT NEEDS THE SAME APPROACH.


As mayor, I will push for a complete review of every department, every expenditure, and every contract the city has in order to identify areas of redundancies and waste. I will be my best every day to find anything that is off-mission—that doesn’t serve the best interests of you and your family—and scrutinize and eliminate it.

Housing and Development

Three words describe it: waste, bureaucracy, and cronyism. Ron Nirenberg has failed to lead and has let the city council and the bureaucracy strangle economic growth, driving the cost of housing up for everyone in San Antonio.


Whether you own or rent your property, the inept permitting and development departments of San Antonio have made it more expensive. At a time of crippling inflation, we need to flush out the backlogs and slowdowns that make every construction project cost multiple times more than they should.

City Public Service

Cheap, reliable electricity catapulted society into the modern era. Its importance cannot be understated. But what we have seen from CPS recently demonstrates an organization that has lost focus on its core mission: to provide affordable and reliable electric services to the residents and businesses of this great city.


For too long, the mayor and city leaders have seen CPS only as a revenue source and a cash cow for pet projects and special interests. We need a mayor who will put CPS back on mission and stop treating it like a piggy bank first and an electricity-provider second.

Economic Growth for All

San Antonio can compete with Dallas and Houston for major company relocations. For too long, the Mayor and City Council have allowed the Texas Miracle to occur elsewhere.


I’m bringing the Texas Miracle to San Antonio. As your mayor, I will fight to bring companies big and small to our community that will provide great wages and stability for our residents. I am in favor of utilizing all available economic development tools to aggressively fight for these businesses, because I know that through economic development, our communities will become wealthier and more prosperous.